SunModalert by Sun Pharma

SunModalert by Sun Pharma

Modalert, Modapro, Provigil, Alertec, Modafinil

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Modalert 200 is a nootropic supplement created by Sun Pharmaceuticals that uses the active ingredient modafinil. Here`s what you need to know about the generic version of modafinil.

What is Modalert 200?

Modalert 200 is a generic, labeled version of the popular smart drug known as Modafinil. If you`ve never heard of Modalert 200, then that`s okay: the drug is primarily sold in India.

Thanks to the internet, however, Indian pharmacies are now selling the drugs online in 100mg and 200mg tablets. Nootropic users prefer Modalert 200 generic Provigil because they can avoid the high costs of Provigil (which can cost as much as $50 for each individual pill without insurance coverage).

Modalert is available in 100mg and 200mg varieties. As you may have guessed, the 200mg version of Modalert is called Modalert 200. That`s typically the most popular version because it`s more powerful.

Today, Modalert is arguably the most popular version of generic modafinil.

How Does Modalert 200 Work?

Modalert is typically used to boost memory, learning, cognition, and other mental processes.

The drug modafinil was initially created to treat sleep disorders like narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorders. Today, the only way you`ll typically receive a modafinil prescription is if you suffer from one of those two disorders. Otherwise, you`ll likely have to order it online.

Modalert, like modafinil, has a number of methods of action. Not all of these actions are fully understood. Researchers are sure that it does work – they`re just not sure how exactly it works.

We know that modafinil is effective at crossing the blood-brain barrier, at which point it enters the central nervous system. After entering the central nervous system, it acts on the dopamine transporter and inhibits the reuptake of dopamine. Dopamine is the “feel-good” neurotransmitter that gets activated when we eat good food, have sex, or exercise. Some people claim this is why modafinil increases their motivation.

At the same time, modafinil and Modalert have been shown to influence histamine levels in the brain. This can promote increased wakefulness during the day and is the primary effect of Modalert.

This is where Modalert`s mechanisms get confusing: researchers believe that Modalert affects numerous other neurotransmitters and systems in the brain, but they`re not really sure how or why. Those affected systems include norepinephrine, serotonin, and the orexin systems.

Finally, Modalert also acts as an antioxidant.

It`s important to remember that modafinil was never approved by the FDA for the treatment of ADHD. So if you`re taking modafinil to boost focus, then you may be disappointed. If you`re taking it to boost alertness and mental energy, however, then you`ll experience better results.

Benefits of Modalert

In America, Modalert is used to treat narcolepsy and shift work sleep disorders. Doctors typically do not prescribe modafinil for any other conditions (although the FDA legally allows them to).

The FDA does not, however allow pharmaceutical companies to advertise any other benefits of modafinil aside from sleep disorder benefits.

Nevertheless, Modalert is used for a wide variety of off-label purposes, including as a cognitive enhancer or nootropic. Here are some of the most popular benefits associated with Modalert and modafinil today:

The weight loss benefits of modafinil only popped up on the internet recently. Many Modalert users claim that they experienced an accelerated rate of fat burning when taking Modalert. At the same time, they noticed that their appetite was diminished. However, Modalert does not act as a stimulant like caffeine, so don`t expect powerful thermogenic benefits.